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Nathalie Blandon March 4, 2020 2:35 pm

Worst dental experience ever! Soo unproffesional!!!! I left there scarred and sooo scared of the dentist! I’ve never had such a bad experience! and they cut my lip with the machine and didn’t even say sorry! I was in pain the whole time there even crying and the people there were not gentle nor helpful! When the doctor injected me with anesthesia she DID NOT LET ME KNOW SHE WAS GOING TO INJECT ME!!!! Wth what dentist does that!!???? I still can’t even believe that I had such a bad experience that I’m leaving a review… something that I never do….

Valerie Trujillo January 17, 2020 3:52 pm

What a terrible experience with the Dr… the front desk girls are great and so is the assistant they were very sweet and very helpful but the Dr. walked in to the room and said do not put a medicaid patient when I have such a big treatment I didn’t say anything I stayed quiet and let her do her exam but she repeated it again I almost stood up from my chair but I stayed quiet once again. And after my exam I got up and she repeated again medicaid is a waste. I walked to the front and asked the girls to please inactivate me as a patient as I would not be going back in. I got medicaid for 3 months because I lost my job but I will be making sure I call medicaid and letting them
Know they shouldn’t refer patients here.

Que experiencia tan desagradable la dra es muy grocera. Dijo 3 veces en el cuarto que medicaid era una pérdida y que no le pusieron pacientes de medicaid. Debería de salirse de aceptar medicaid si es tanto problema. Recomiendo que vayan a otro dr porque esta dra no sabe como atender a sus pacientes y menos a pacientes nuevos .

Katherine Dominguez November 26, 2019 4:15 pm

Went in for the first time my first impression was that it looked extremely clean and modern .It wasn’t a long wait and the doctor and assistants were extremely professional . i now come every so often and love it .The staff are exceptional.

Ely Chico April 3, 2019 6:27 pm

I was calling to schedule an appointment, first time visit. I must say that I am very happy that i decided to hang up and not drive over to confront the lady on the phone taking appointments. Very disappointing and unpleasant. I was just asking for a later time as I work a full schedule and have 4 kids as well expecting another, she jumped before I can finish my sentence and rudly interupted ” ohh and if you are pregnant you can only see the doctor, more of a reason ” … First off, just advise of course… Take the food you were eating out of your mouth , disgusting, lack of customer service. Second i would not be so happy to loose a patient considering it is not your money it is the doctors. You are representing that company and her, i would tighten up. She must not need a job. Again id stay far. Specially if they answer and speak to you in a Rude manner over a phone chewing. Imagine this place in person. Poor doctor, she must not know.

Azais Curtean March 11, 2019 3:55 pm

I came here with a Groupon offer for a dental cleaning, x ray and exam. Let’s start with the receptionist’s table manners. When I walked punto the desk, she greeted me with a half nod like it was a bother to say hello. I get taken to the back for a an X-ray. All fine there. Then I am walked to a room for a supposed cleaning. The dentist came in to do my exam which I found strange because normally they do the cleaning and then the exam after your teeth are clean. The dentist immediately yelled out “wooooow you have SOO MANY fillings.” It was so embarrassing. Like I don’t want it advertised. She said this 3 times. She took some pictures then told me I had two cavities and had to talk to someone about pricing. She never showed me the radiographs or photos. She burred down my old filling because she said the other dentist left it too high, but she never asked if it was bothering me to begin with. It wasn’t. When I am shown the estimate of 584 dollars , I am also told I need an intermediate cleaning. I told them I couldn’t afford all this now and that I just wanted the cleaning on my Groupon. The hygienist takes me back again to the chair and pulls out the POLISHER and tooth paSte. I said wait aren’t you going to actually clean my teeth with the the pick first? She said this was a “superficial cleaning”. I almost laughed in their face. I showed them the Groupon and nowhere does it say I am getting a superficial cleaning. Basically, you are paying to get your teeth brushed by another human!!! What a scam!!! They told me to call Groupon and get my money back. I said the time off work to come the appointment couldn’t be reimbursed and they need to be more honest in their advertising

Don’t come here. There is so much competition for dentistry in Miami. Find an ethical and honest dentist.