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Giselle Bond February 2, 2020 1:15 pm

This place is horrible they give you cars with check engine lights , when the customer goes to see them they are dirty cars , i went to see a dirty car with no tires or anything , and they give zero warranty

María Rúa January 31, 2020 7:32 pm

I WISH I COULD PUT ZERO STARS. My dad bought a BMW 328I here for me, the sales person Claudio told my dad the car was in good conditions and that the engine was perfect and when my dad tried to take to our mechanic in Miami he told him he couldn’t take the car. When I started driving it the light for the ”engine service soon” came up in my dashboard and I personally talked to the guy and he told me that it was always there but that it wasn’t a big of a deal because the car ran perfectly, I told him I was going to let him know if anything else comes up after checking with my mechanic. I had the car check for the first time and my mechanic said that ALL 6 cylinder were misfiring, it has a oil leak by the engine, the battery was not holding a charge so I had to replace it and spend over $200 on it, the angel eyes bulbs weren’t working and now the transmission light is coming up, so that means I have to change the transmission which would cost me over $5,000. I called this place and talk to a front desk lady and explained that I can’t afford all of this replacements and that my dad was told many times the car engine was perfect, she only said that the car doesn’t have warranty and they couldn’t do anything, I told her I was going to sue them for wrongful selling, because they lied and got my dad to buy the car, the lady’s only response was ”okay”. Then I continued to call Claudio and explained everything that my mechanic told me, his response was ”I sold the car to your dad and it was okay” I told him that it was impossible that I messed up the whole engine by only driving less than 20 miles everyday for 3 weeks, I’m a full time student and I have a part time job, which between school, my job and my house I don’t drive more than 20-30 miles a day. He then say ”I’m not sure what to tell you” and hung up and blocked my number and my dads. I do not recommend this place if you’re trying to get a car, honest companies don’t play with their costumer’s time and money. I am going to sue them.

Scarlett Pabst September 15, 2019 7:27 pm

The Guy who received us was very friendly and provided all the info I asked about the car. Didn’t buy there but looks like they are legit

Mirco Alexander February 15, 2019 2:39 pm

Very friendly and attentive service, below average prices when compared to KBB and Car Fax and this gives you the impression that you are getting bargain BUT do not let this distract you from fully inspecting vehicle. Ask to take car to mechanic or bring a mechanic. Their cars all come from auction and even though they do not know the history or condition of the the cars they list them as being in “Good Condition” and try to hide with “as is” document. Sadly the car we returned is still for sale even after we informed them of major issues that make vehicle unsafe for use. Hope non of you end up buying this POS.
Do your homework, bargain hard.

Âłbęrt Päjøttė December 19, 2018 8:37 pm

A great place to look for a car this is a great place to come too. I came here with my wife and we were only here for a few minutes and picked a car it was a fantastic experience and we loved it.