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La Consultoría Jurídica de Cárdenas Law Firm, LLC es una firma de abogados dedicada a todo tipo de casos de ley de inmigración en los Estados Unidos.

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Stefanie Alcivar October 6, 2019 3:00 am

They are an amazing team, Cardenas Law firm has represented me for over 5 years.. Abraham and all his team are great at what they do, very efficient, always willing to help, very attentive when you have questions or concerns. I’ve seen them grow from a small office to now that they have a beautiful and very caring office and staff.. i will definitely recommended to anyone going through any type of immigration problems , they are the right ones to hire for any situation!!

Dylan Rivas February 13, 2019 5:07 pm

BEWARE of this law firm I am 110% this is one of those sketchy ones that hire a bunch of illegal paralegals. I have to do this review under my husband account since they decided to get rid of my review but everyone needs to know this. Basically I called last week just to get an appointment but I’m not a Spanish speaker the receptionist who picked up the phone said to me “no English” I was very shocked on how poorly she can even say that. I got upset since i don’t know how it’s possible in a law firm in the US they’ll hire someone who can’t speak the main language. My husband ended up calling to address the situation but Mr. Cardenas was so positive that everyone in his practice spoke English and were “fluent” he also claim we were the mistaken ones which is a LIE. I called myself yesterday and the same women who picked up the phone the first time saying “no English” picked up again. SHE COULDN’T UNDERSTAND ONE THING I WAS SAYING!!! It was so terrible that when I finished speaking she didn’t say anything at all besides “hold” she couldn’t even say a sentence. All she said was her into “Cardenas law firm, mayte speaking” after I explained why I was calling she stayed quite said nothing besides “hold” I even asked asked if she understood me and nothing. If you ask me that’s not what a “fluent” English speaker would say mind you she could barely even say law firm. I hope they look into who they hire definitely calling ICE on my break.

aybe zia November 29, 2018 8:38 pm

horrible communication and customer service … promise emails and fail to send something as simple as an email … i had to wait and waste 25 days and still no email … terrible experience …

Maria Ferra November 9, 2018 12:39 am

I wanted to hire this firm for a simple application but I chose wisely and didn’t. Let’s start by saying the waiting time is 30 min to hour with an APPOINTMENT. I think it’s ridiculous how even with an appointment you have to wait more than 30 minutes in my opinion that is very disorganized. First I was outside waiting for 30 minutes then one of the secretaries moved me to another room letting me know the lawyer will be right with me. Waited another 30 min and it got to the point I got up and had to tell the girl my appointment was at 2 not 3. Then the lawyer only saw me for 20 minutes which is ridiculous. When I left I called because I still had questions and one of his secretaries answered the phone telling me I didn’t or couldn’t speak to the attorney because I already had my appointment with him. I kindly explained to her I still had some questions and she kept asking me what were the questions. I don’t want to speak with the secretary about my case I want to speak to the attorney since he’s the one I want to hire and the one I spoke to in the first place. It got to the point that I got frustrated and told the girl I will call back later. After I called two hours later. Some guy picked up the phone I don’t know exactly who he was but he was VERY VERY rude and had REALLY bad attitude. He was so rude that I hung up. I can’t stress how rude he was. I still decided to give this firm a shot. I showed up in person to see if I can talk to Mr. Cardenas and the girl who sits next to the window told me he wasn’t there but she can make me another appointment for $75 dollars. What is that? that’s ridiculous for two questions? after that I walked out and never looked back. Decided to take my business else where.

Juan Matos May 7, 2017 11:01 pm

In all my experience that I have with the department of immigration dealing with denying my green card continuously for more than 25 years, & hiring the best lawyer in the city of Miami. I found Mr. Abraham Cardenas and he’s the only one that solved my problem because I was denied for discretion many times. I recommend him to anyone and their toughest cases like mine. Thank God I met Mr. Cardenas. He is very honest and good.