10690 NW 41st St, Miami, FL 33178, USA


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Gabriela Cappanera April 26, 2020 5:06 pm

They just charged me $27.99 to exchange the propane tank (empty for full) when everywhere else it’s $19.99 and no receipt. It’s nice to see how some take advantage of the situations. Blame is on me that I didn’t return and give it back so I am not a part of this. Shame on u !!

Armando Lopez August 27, 2019 12:39 am

I’ve been using this gas station for more than 20 years they are very really polite, offer a great customer service their cashiers are always smiling customers. Thanks god we haven’t face too many hurricanes this gas station is one of the last ones closing at the crucial moment. People used to give one star because the vacuum cleaner or the air pump isn’t working only in Dade county.

Joshua D July 17, 2019 7:42 pm

EMPLOYEES ARE THIEVES AND CREDIT CARD SCAMMERS! The employees routinely attempt to scam people by adding erroneous items to your bill and increasing the cost of items! I was scammed once, the second time I saw it was NOT A MISTAKE! BEWARE SCAMMERS!

The first time I was scammed out of $55 for $20 worth of items. I was tired hungry and just moved and didn’t notice. I bought minor things like milk and a few food items.. Later the thought of the cost would not leave my mind. Fast forward to two weeks later, I am hungry and want something quick. I go to the gas station again and get a gallon of milk, 3 pint size milks for quick refreshing consumption, one cheese and bacon bowl and 3 vienna sausage cans and a $6 headset. How much was the bill? $50 something dollars!!! Alarms rang and she said it so calmly without even looking at me or even second guessing the ridiculous amount she just said for the petty few items I had just attempted to purchase. I said, WHAT? Why is it so much? Then she acts confused and says oh? Nervously looks around at everything and then I see her remove an item that was $20 dollars from the total bill! Isn’t that fancy she is adding erroneous items so she can obviously pocket the money after?? She brought the total back down to $30 and I still question, as alarmed I was. I knew the items I was buying and this should have been no more than $20 max! I then ask her to itemize all the products and she is hesitant to tell me each one that I had to go over each one. Everything was marked up like she just added the cost to each item so she can pocket the rest. NOW THEN is when I knew this scum bag does this on a regular basis to unsuspecting people all the time. DO NOT SHOP HERE. THEY ARE THIEVES! THEY STEAL PEOPLE’S MONEY AND DO NOT CARE HOW MUCH IT COSTS YOU! That first stunt put me in a really bad place because she ripped me off when I had little at the time. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN! She asks what am I taking and I said only the $6 headphones she didn’t bother to RIP ME OFF on. She asks about that and I compare the prices of the products to a CVS or other store, this was more than DOUBLE the cost I even explained out loud that for this price I can order myself a buffet ORDERED TO MY HOUSE from Uber EATS. SO DISGUSTED that they are allowed to run this scam operation from this CONVENIENCE STORE. I’m filing a police report on this and hopefully it’s exposed and save people from being robbed by these scumbags. Think of all the people they have robbed. They have stole money from me the first time, but I will make sure it is paid back and paid forward by warning future people from coming to this place and them continuing this slime ball tactic. THIS WAS NOT A MISTAKE. FIRST TIME CASHIERS MAKE MISTAKES OF PENNIES MAYBE DOLLARS. THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMING ON YOUR PURCHASES, BEWARE STAY AWAY GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!


Samer Yorde June 1, 2017 2:36 am

I really like this gas station, you find the best gas prices in Doral City, with very good location and a lot of Comercials around.
Their’s very new equipment, and the have a TV led for marketing in each machine.

Alejandro W November 11, 2016 2:22 pm

Car wash not working and air machine not working