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Miami Local Discount Jewelers. For Low Prices on Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, & Engagement Rings Visit Kay Jewelers Outlet.

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Alyssa Scannevin June 6, 2020 12:53 am

My now-fiancee bought be a beautiful ring from Kay and asked me to be his wife. We went back to get the ring resized a year ago and bought a wedding ring for me from the same place to make things simple. We picked out a gorgeous ring and I was assured the stones in it were diamonds and aquamarines–his birthstone. I was thrilled and had it sent off to be resized with my engagement ring. When they came back, my engagement ring was fine but the wedding ring was tarnished, with black stain in splotches all over the white gold. It looked dirty and even burnt. Upon closer inspection it was also missing 3 stones and had big dents in it from where the ring had been held to be worked on. Keep in mind this ring had never been worn before. I brought it to another jeweler for a second opinion and was told that the ‘aquamarines’ are not aquamarines at all, rather blue diamonds. Though these are a higher quality stone, they are not what I was told they were and do not hold the sentimental value of my fiancee’s birthstone. Lastly, the ring was resized incorrectly and did not fit my finger. I brought the ring back and asked them to fix the missing stones, the size, and asked them to remove the black stains on it. The representative was kind and apologetic (even though the state of the ring was not his fault). When the ring finally came back in many weeks later, the black stain was even worse and the ring was still the incorrect size. The representative this time (different man) was kind but he told me the stain was put there on purpose to make it look better–even though it was not on the original ring, and it was in big horrible splotches all over the ring itself. I was incredibly disappointed and exchanged it for a completely different ring (and paid the additional $ for it), which they were kind enough to allow me to do. I took the new ring as is and will be paying to have it resized correctly by a local jeweler–NOT Kay. We also grabbed a few jewelry cleaner rags on our way out and upon getting home and unboxing them, found out there were USED and very dirty. This entire ordeal took place over the course of a YEAR and past my original wedding date. My engagement ring and my new wedding ring are beautiful and I adore them, but would have preferred to not have the hassle.

l Lopez March 6, 2020 9:35 pm

Have purchased many items from here that being said, one of the watches that I purchased here was a bulova. When the battery gave out I came back to ask if they could replace. They informed me that it was a special watch and had to be sent to bulova cause they can only replace the battery using water pressure to close the back of it. Charged me $120 to replace the battery which I was a bit uncomfortable but kinda Like what can you do situation. Less that a year later the same battery dies once again. Me being a do it yourself kind of guy even owning my own watch battery replacement kit decided to research if it was true what I once was told by this store. End result I purchased the battery for $5 bucks and was able to replace it myself within 5 minutes. Myself being a business owner understand that there is a price for a service and I’d be willing to pay a reasonable amount but to be lied to for a ridiculous amount and without my watch for almost a month is just unacceptable. Hope this helps others to be aware.

D’nea Frankin February 18, 2020 12:36 am

My boyfriend and I went inside just too take a look around, (we might get married soon) and the sales rep made us feel very uncomfortable. We will not be taking our business there. Poor customer service.

Sharon and Jorge October 24, 2019 5:10 pm

Go to a pawn shop or local jewelry place people, we bought a 3k ring and I wanted to sell it and every jewelry place around said my ring was worth 450. Every jewelry store advised nice big known stores over price their jewelry when in reality it is not worth the amount at all. Everything is by weight not by the looks of the ring we learned this the hard way!

Breanna Church September 3, 2019 7:55 pm

Do not shop in this kay’s. We bought a very expensive wedding band, expecting quality service and we were dead wrong. Terrible customer service at the store. They do not make their phone calls when rings are ready. They do not process returns when they said they would return the money for wasting our time. My wife got her band back in May and it’s currently September and she has only worn it for two weeks without it being in kay’s Hands for fixing a problem. They will argue with you even when they’re in the wrong. They’re very rude, especially their manager Carlos. To be in a place of management, it’s expected to have an understanding of how to lead and how to be a role model to your fellow employees of how to treat customers. He should not be in any position of management. He was very condescending and very rude to my wife and myself. Do not shop here. Ivan is the only nice salesman there that seems to have empathy and an understanding of how to treat people with respect. But no one else.