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At Keiser University Miami campus we offer a wide range of programs and focus on putting the students first. For a career-focused education, learn more!

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Maria Cornejo December 5, 2018 6:21 pm

If I could give no stars to this place I would.. I went to all three Keisers here in south FL. Pines campus, Ft Lauderdale Campus, and Miami. unfortunately I went to Miami campus for majority of my program (XRAY program), it was a nightmare.. They don’t care about the students, only a few professors, program directors, dean, or anybody that has “power” think they can control the students and the students have to do whatever they want, when in reality you’re paying to be at that school. After finishing my program at Ft Lauderdale (ended up transferring) I decided to give it a second shot to do my nursing program, when I sat for the interview I was told by the school director that I was not going to pass my first semester in nursing and all this because they were putting me on the spot and I got nervous, how unprofessional is thiss!!! piece of advice think twice before going to this place. the other two campus (Pines and Ft Lauderdale) are amazing!!! I think during my time here I only found a few people that actually care (one professor, and a few advisors).. this is very sad, its a very expensive school that has potential but the power that’s been giving to some people there is more important than the students.

Jessica Arevlo September 17, 2018 4:21 pm

This school is literally the worst school i have ever attended. I’m currently being affected by a Perkins loan I took out at Keiser in 2016 and now it came up that I’ve been defaulted since January of this year. Not once did I get any notification that I was in default until his very month. I just dropped my fall semester ar St . thomas University because they are telling me I need to take care of this loan from Keiser before I can go back to keep my education. I went to Keiser and they did nothing to help me and the director of financial aid says to me I wish could help you but my hands are tied. In other words, track your own loan and deal with it. I really recommend any other institution except this one. Today has been the worst day for me because I have to wait until next year to go back to my school and finish my BA degree. DONT STUDY AT KEISER, they only care about getting your money and nothing else.

Bianca Gonzalez August 28, 2018 3:47 am

Its taken me a while to write this review. This school doesn’t have much to offer. Yes, some teachers are amazing , they truly care. The financial aid department knows what it’s doing and really helps the students. Such a shame their teaching model doesn’t work. They try to cram you with information (the core programs) and when they see you struggling they just put you down. You’re constantly under pressure and if the teacher or rather yet the director of the program doesn’t like you for whatever reason you’re screwed. If you fail 3 classes you are forced to pay out of pocket and just start the program over, as if one hasn’t invested already time, money, and effort. Yes, programs have a high passing rate but it’s because they eliminate the one’s that need a little more time and help. Please do your research before attending. I wish I would’ve done mine and attended Fort Lauderdale campus or another private school before this one.

Nicole Vazquez August 26, 2017 5:44 pm

I am not a student that was “set up, money taken, to fail”, I succeeded. I graduated with my ASN but it was not an easy road. I’m not talking about the material or difficulty of the classes because lets face it, if you have the book you have the knowledge. When I mention administration in this post I am not talking about the deans of the school (I believe Cristy and Michelle are very qualified and helpful; the other seems to always be in a bad mood) I’m referring to the nursing program. I’m talking about the Associates Nursing Program in particular. Classes began unorganized. No one seemed to know what was going on. Two of my class mates were let go due to background checks. Keiser does an initial background check when applying.. Why accept two students that wouldn’t have made it be enrolled and wast a month of their time? Professors come and go. I am not blaming the professors, the only logical explanation for such a high turnover rate has to be poor job satisfaction. The Director (remaining nameless) of the nursing program is probably my least favorite about the program in its entirety. Always talking negative to students (except for the initial student interview; that day she was quite delightful), conversations are always one sided (don’t waist your time going into that office, she doesn’t care quite frankly). Personal vendettas are real you guys. I made it through the nursing program. I was 1 of 7 out of an original 23.

Santiago Mejia Osorio February 11, 2016 12:10 am

Nice installations and very clean facilities for people and events I would like to make a class in this classrooms. Really nice.