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9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


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Negar B May 28, 2020 11:09 pm

Worst experience of my life. She was really unprofessional and burned my hair!

Tiffany November 14, 2019 2:18 am

I’ve been following Maby for close to a year on social media. I finally made an appointment this past week and I’m definitely not disappointed! Not only is she an amazing hair stylist but by the energy she gives off you can tell she’s an amazing human being. Not only is she amazing but so is her assistant Jenny. For the amount of time you spend there it’s honestly priceless to not only receive good service but to feel comfortable. I cannot wait to continue my hair Journey with them.

Elba Castillo November 11, 2019 7:31 pm

My experience with Mabe was excellent, she has a lot of knowledge, she shares her experience, gives lots of tips on how to maintain your hair looking awesome. The salon is comfortable, music playing while you wait, since you have to have time to wait for all the process your hair has to go through, you can also enjoy a complementary glass of wine… worth the wait 😋 The Queen of Blonds is the best. Recommended 100%

Tammy R June 27, 2019 2:30 am

If I could give 0 -ZERO- stars I would do it. Stay away from this place, the bad reviews are true. The same she did to the girl that left with broken messed up hair happened the same to me.
Look at the photos and take your own conclusions, tell me if it is a hair from someone that just left a hair salon plus spent $500 on it!!
Is that really what somebody should expect from a “Queen of BLONDES”?

To begin with she charges you a $50 deposit that you lose it in case you get 15min late, to make YOU wait ONE HOUR and a HALF for the appointment sitting there staring at the wall.
Then she says one price and then comes with one totally different when you are there and already paid a deposit and already waited 1h30min for your turn.

I only wanted to touch up my roots and make It even and matches my hair color -that I was really happy with already- because I like the BLONDE hair, I was unhappy with the -roots ONLY-, but she said that my hair was so awful that I needed to re-do it all over and charge me almost $500 for that. (she even said it was green from going to the pool -even though I don`t get my hair wet from pool or beach has been forever, I simply don`t go inside of the water and I am 100% sure my hair was not green at all, plus said my hair was 20 different tons of blonde).
At the end instead of looking a nice blonde it turned into a green/dark grey hair that is REALLY awful, specially from somebody who claim to be a Queen of Blonde.
Oh, also I got chemical burn spots on my head/forehead, and not even counting the -disgusting blow dry- that even my dog can do a better job, really.

I already complained at the hair salon how it was grey and I did not liked and the lady said “just go wash and it will fade out’. that is not the reason why somebody go to a hair salon and that is the last thing I would like to hear.
My hair was fine, needed a roots touch-up and it turned into a whole big mess that ruined the hair, NOW it has green and 20 shades of grey that she claimed it had.
I went to complain about the results and instead of listen to the client she, just like the bad reviews said she was rude, instead of try to make my situation better she tried to justify herself saying that (with those exactly words) “your hair was A MESS” and was basically my fault that it turned into grey/green color.

alanistarrr vlogs August 9, 2017 2:35 am

The review above is incorrect . A rental professional by the name of Shantal — Minks and Millions by SJR is renting a space at Maby’s and a client has left a review on Maby’s personal page because the rental professional has no site to review . – This person that has nothing to do with Maby’s Hair Studio . I was near there the same day and witnessed this incident . It’s unfair that renters clients are reviewing the salon owners persnal site without even being affiliated to the salon . I’ve been coming to Maby’s for years and I have nothing but great things to say for the queen of Blondes . By the way her estetician charges $100 for her lashes not $65. Great services , great work and wonderful staff . Sorry Maby that people don’t understand that renters are their own owners just renting a space . Xoxo Alani