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Serves Authentic and Delicious Pizza Food in FL. Order Online For Pick or Delivery, From The Best Pizza Cuisine in Hialeah, FL

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sardil01 . May 31, 2020 4:08 am

Where do I start? I placed an order over the phone and I was told the pizza would be ready in 45 minutes. I arrived in one hour. When I arrived, I was told it would be ready in a few more minutes. Then I was told to wait outside. From the outside I kept watching the pizza guy put pies in the oven. ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES later, he finally placed my order in the oven. In total, I waited two hours and forty minutes for my order. Not only is that bad, but lying about it made it even worse. While waiting outside I asked another person waiting for their order how long did they told them to wait before showing up to pick up, and he told me one hour. Their service is absolutely disastrous. If you want pizza for dinner from this place, order it during lunch.

Krystel Mills May 24, 2020 3:01 am

Placed an order for a pizza at 9:30. They said it would take an hour. I thought “Wow, that’s a while but the reviews are good so I’ll wait.” Showed up at almost 11:00 and they said “It isn’t ready. You can wait 20 min or not. Let me know what you want to do. It can be ready in 20 min.” They obviously did not care about treating customers poorly. Very unreliable. I wouldn’t order from them. Who knows if your food will be ready or not when you get there.

Jonathan Garcia March 18, 2020 10:48 pm

Was craving pizza, but didn’t want the usual places. Decided to give this place a shot since they were close to home. Ordered the meat lovers deep dish. It took 45 mins to cook. Once it was ready and I got it home I could understand the wait. After my first bite the wait was worth every minute of waiting. The cheese to toppings ratio was perfect and the flavors were off the chart. I’m new to Miami area but I have definitely found my new pizza place. My wife is out of town right now, but when she gets back that’s the first place I’m taking her. I PROMISE YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

Andrea Delgado November 24, 2019 4:05 am

We stopped here after a music festival looking for what we thought was going to be amazing pizza. SPOILER: It wasn’t
We ordered inside at the counter and waited the 25 minutes in the car. We ordered a large pepperoni, 6 garlic rolls and 6 pepperoni rolls.
I haven’t had pizza in about a year so this was very exciting for me. The pepperoni rolls are basically mozzarella and pepperoni rolled croissant style in pizza dough. They are VERY bland and the marinara sauce that comes on the side is equally as bland. The garlic rolls were garlic rolls. Nothing to complain or compliment there. Now the pizza. Like I said earlier, what I thought was going to be magnificent pizza, was not. It was also VERY bland. Devoid of flavor. It really tastes like… Nothing. The whole order was very disappointing and not worth the gastric distress I’ll be in later because of the cheese.

Edward Delgado November 24, 2019 3:36 am

Affordable, no-frills pizza. If that’s what you’re looking for then look no further. If you’re in the mood for a New York style pie, from a small family-owned operation, in the area, that just tastes better; then I’d suggest driving the couple of minutes east of this place to DiPiazza or north to Salvatore.

The restaurant is small, they have counter seating which probably fits 6, not comfortably. So, take out or delivery are your main options. The menu is standard Italian menu with the addition of a deep dish option, which isn’t seen much in South Florida. The food, probably the most important category, was okay. Not great, not even good; just okay. I ordered standard pepperoni pizza, garlic rolls, and pepperoni/ cheese knots. All was devoid of flavor. The only time I’d come back is to try the deep dish which I didn’t order because it takes an hour to cook, standard for deep dish pizza. I do, however, fear that it won’t taste like much.