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VLounge Distribution February 20, 2020 12:03 am

Poorly treated, the pizza was done all wrong then they decided to help another customer in front of my family. I walked off after being treated this way and declined the food the rude woman employee smirked and said “enjoy it”. They lost my business.

Brittany Williams October 22, 2019 11:14 pm


Ok so who doesn’t love a good pie. I love everything about this place from the decor, the fresh ingredients to the oven the pizza is cooked in.

Every time I come here the staff is always super nice, helpful and engaging. They don’t just ask what special you’re getting or what toppings would you like, they hold small conversation and ask you about your day.

Fresh ingredients; major plus! I love the fact that if they mess up on your pizza whether it being they left it in the oven too long and it was a little burnt, they will totally remake it and make it a priority that you don’t wait too long. I have never tried their salads because at a quick glance I did not see any vinegar as I do not eat salad dressing. They did have olive oil though so perhaps I should’ve asked.

I believe that they are reasonably priced for what you’re getting. No it isn’t the size of a large pizza at pizza hut however you can eat off it twice; at least I can.

Overall I enjoy coming here and will continue to come here.

Gregg W. Shore October 1, 2019 11:03 pm

Ordered via Door Dash…

I give ONE STAR because what I ordered is considered basic and was not complicated outside of their regularly ordered items.

I ordered Meatballs (order is supposed to come with two meatballs)… Door Dash app forced me to add an EXTRA Meatball for a $2.19 charge. It would not let me order without adding the meatball, it said “REQUIRED”. So, instead of the $4.29 for two meatball order, it cost me $6.48 for three meatballs, even though I only wanted two. I called the store after I received my food and asked because I was curious. The polite girl told me “because there’s an order minimum?”, but, she was kinda of just suggesting that to see if I’d bite, but, she then said she didn’t know why. I told her when I placed the order on Door Dash, I deleted the meatball, added the pizza and then added back the meatball and it still made me order an extra one, so, it’s not a minimum order issue. She said she will email someone, I think Door Dash or Rise Pies, I don’t know. The problem with using apps like this is the restaurant blames Door Dash and Door Dash blames the restaurant. But, the bottom line is, the customer pays in the end.

The meatballs arrived and they were small, almost like the frozen ones you can buy at Publix, just slightly larger. And, the sauce they were in was very soupy. I’ve had them before and the meatballs were bigger and the sauce was not runny. As for the pizza, I know it’s a small pizza and it’s traveling 15 minutes to get to me, so, it’s not going to be hot. It arrived cold and I understood that when I ordered it, so, I’m not giving one star for that because that’s all on me and I have a microwave in my hotel room. However, the pizza issue I had was that I ordered it with the FRESH mozzarella, but, they used shredded mozzarella. That’s a big difference in taste and I was really disappointed.

So, to sum up… had to pay for an extra meatball I didn’t want… meatballs were tiny and in a sauce soup… and the pizza was made wrong.

I will order form here again to give it another shot and add UPDATE to this review..

Greg Johnson April 22, 2019 5:28 pm

They have reduced lectin options for custom pizza. You can get gluten free crust…. Just check to see if other ingredients are gluten free as well. They have pesto sauce instead of tomato paste for reduced lectin pie. Overall good price and well priced drinks. The gluten free pizza crust is also a good size

Silvia S July 4, 2018 5:30 pm

I am truly disappointed with this place. The prices are reasonable, with a good selection of toppings, but our pizzas, especially my son’s, were completely covered with burnt black ashes. We ended up throwing our pizzas in the trash and ordering somewhere else. This place needs to clean its ovens more often. I was not happy with the food and will not be back.