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Let Sage Dental of Downtown Doral's experts give your mouth a VIP treatment. Our team in Doral at affordable prices will give you the smile of your dreams!

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Gabriela Di Remigio March 11, 2020 6:43 pm

Never go to this place again! The general dentist is nice the first part of my treatment was ok. However the second part, I needed a gum reduction to have space for a crown. This day I had an appointment at 8:00 am, they let me in at 12pm and after they started they left me there because it was lunch time; the worst part was after they specialist finished with the surgery they came to get an impression for a temporal tooth, they did it wrong and they broke my stitches so I started bleeding, so the specialist had to came again put another anesthesia and stitch again my gum. Finally they were able to finish at 4pm (my husband had to leave his work and go an pick up the kids). They told me they will call in a week for a follow up, they never did. after two month, I called for an appointment to get my crown installed, however they were not able to do it because they lost the impression. That they they had to take a new impression, however they were not able to do it, they said “I had to much plaque” but they had to reduce my tooth again and again. What I believe it really happened was that they use to much product with the temporal that it was everything together. They had to work with my teeth until the dental flush could go between the two teeth. Finally I got my crown and it came the worst part. The billing is a scam, first they ask you to sign a quote before each procedure. Then you received an invoice by mail with extra stuff; my husband review it and they fixed it. However, there was a procedure that the coinsurance was $260, they charged me 551. We call the insurance company they confirm to them that the amount was $260, but the billing lady told me I can’t fix it te system is who say the amount. You have to wait until this is fix; in the meanwhile you have to pay $310 dollar that you have due. My husband told her charge me the $20 difference, the insurance told you that you charge me $291 more than you should and she didn’t want to help me and insisted that I had to pay the whole amount, after a small discussion she even threatened me to write in the billing notes that I didn’t want to pay and they will send my bill to collection if I don’t pay the amount due.

Gab riela December 17, 2019 10:02 pm

I’m a teenager and always visit this dentist and i feel very comfortable and calm. They are very communicative and are overall great service. They treat you great , i really recommend this place !

Maria Montoto December 17, 2019 7:47 pm

I was very happy with the care that was given to me. The front desk was very nice and attentive. The manager gave me a great promotion discount that they are having for the holidays. The Dental Assistants where intone with my concerns. Great office to visit.

Travis Ott December 10, 2019 3:12 am

After waiting 45 minutes, I got an x-ray. My cleaning had to be rescheduled for another day. I am sad to say I came back. After waiting another 45 minutes I was ready for my cleaning. The first thing the dentist said to me was “You look old! Has anyone ever told you that?” After my teeth cleaning I was recommended to buy a mouth piece for $250. I have since been to 2 other dentists and none of them have recommended a mouth piece or been insulting. I recommend you find a different dentist

Norah Borrero September 6, 2018 3:15 am

I’m a new user for the Downtown Center and must confess that I made the right choice.
I broke a tooth last Friday, so I learned the hard way that this service (dental ones) are only available on weekdays.
After researching options close to where I live, I decided to come to Sage Dental.
Best decision ever! from the staff at the reception, the DA (Luis), the DDS, everyone at the office was so professional and kind, that I felt like home.
It’s important to feel that the doctors are empathic with us as patients, and that’s something you’ll get in here. A sense of familiarity and comprehension without judging or criticizing since every person has a different problem, different background to be assessed.

Last but not least: everyone will ask about finances, which is usually the main concern regarding health/oral issues. The Office Manager (Luna) she’s great with this area and will provide of good advice on how to afford a treatment.

Totally recommended! 👍👍