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Paola Vecchionacce March 6, 2020 4:06 pm

To start, since I got my first period, I have been experiencing hormonal problems like hirsutism and back acne then I was diagnosed with PCOS and because of this, ten years ago I was given hormonal birth control and at first, they worked just fine the acne disappeared and I was able to control a little bit better the unwanted hair although it never went completely away. Years after I started experiencing the same problems, even though I never stopped the pills; the acne came back, the hirsutism too and on top of that I gained a lot of weight so when I went to my OBGYN she didn’t suggest any changes and I showed in the ultrasound that I still have cists in my ovaries which I was promised that they will disappear with the pills, but ten years after nothing changed. So, I stopped the pills because they weren’t doing any good and a month after I stopped the pills, my period went missing. Four months after without my period I read about acupuncture and decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, this people are miraculous, the entire team is very caring, and very knowledgeable. Also, they accommodate you depending on your availability even they work on weekends. Dr. Cheng made a treatment plan and after my 6th session my period came back thanks to her and her amazing team. Now I see improvement in my skin, I have lost a few pounds. Not only I see improvement with my hormones but overall my energy, my body, my mindset. TCM Acupuncture team has given me my health back.

Jean Antelo February 26, 2020 9:47 pm

Have received only two acupuncture treatments and results are just incredible. Treatment has revitalized my mind and body immediately. Dr. Tang’s guidance has been superb, clearly highlighting treatment process and expected results.

Maria Paredes December 30, 2019 7:00 pm

I took my dad to TCM Acupuncture Doral and his experience with Dr. Daiyi Tang was amazing. He had a bell paralysis and in 3 weeks, he was fully recovered. The treatment the Doctor recommended and administered on him was perfect for what he had. He regained complete facial functions and he is forever grateful for the doctors procedures. I’ll highly recommended him.

Dania Martinez December 24, 2019 1:45 pm

Recently I had my first encounter with Bells Palsy. As you could imagine I was scared out of my mind and concerned about my face after my traumatic situation. Unable to move the muscles in my face, blink correctly, raise my eyebrows, etc. Every day to day expression one could make I was unable to. Devastated and unsure what to do about my face, I researched the best Doctor I could find and then I stumbled upon the office of Dr. Tang and his practice. My first impression of the office was peaceful and welcoming, clean and professional, along with the pleasant staff and the very helpful Dr. Tang! My visits with Dr. Tang have never left me disappointed. Every appointment I have made has lead to major improvements! I can gratefully say that Dr. Tang has changed my life and has allowed me to feel like myself again and even better than before! I am so grateful for this man’s practice and the work that he has done to my face. Each session was so relaxing and absolutely painless. Before coming into this office I was experiencing heavy amounts of stress on a daily basis that finally took its toll on my body. Unaware of how unhealthy I was. Coming to see Dr. Tang allowed me to see a different perspective on my health and my mindset. Dr. Tang was incredibly helpful and informative on my situation, on what I can do differently to improve, and to unsure that the nerve failure won’t happen again. This place deserves more than a 10 star rating! I am perfectly pleased with my results and the overall experience of Dr. Tang and his staff!!!

Julie Maldonado July 7, 2019 9:18 pm

TCM Acupuncture Doral, FL the best place to heal your body Dr Tang is the best. Very professional, knowledgeable in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. I went for stress and skin rash. Got there and was attended on my appointment time, when he checked me had my blood pressure very high, my chest was red with rash, he gave me needle treatment that didn’t feel any pain, I got out of there relaxed, with the blood pressure almost normal no rash on chest , amazing going back next week. I will recommend him 💯, he is one of the kindest Dr that has a healing power with immediate effect.