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Jacqueline Castillo January 21, 2020 2:34 pm

What a pleasure it has been having my daughter attend this school. All the things that give us a little bit more peace as parents. The locked door, the cameras we can watch our little ones from, the breakfast, lunch and snacks they provide. Not to mention the fact that there’s 2 teachers per classroom and they get taken to the park everyday!

My relocation of jobs forced me to switch her from school so I can say with experience there is no other school like this. I know in my heart Rubi was happy and her teachers truly cared. It’s something we expect as parents and take for granted but I am truly appreciative of the love and care they showed Rubi everyday.

Thank you for everything!


After enrolling my child in 3 different schools after relocating for work my husband and I have made the decision to bring her back to this school. No other school compares to the care, curriculum and staff to The Learning World Academy. I’m forever grateful that they were able to accommodate our family and accept her back.

Mariel Ramirez October 4, 2018 7:14 pm

My son has been attending for 4 months now and I am very happy with the care and curriculum at the school. He started during the summer camp program and the teachers at the Pre-K 1A classroom were great at helping him adapt to this new environment and schedule. The teachers and staff are very open and communicate daily thru the app and during drop-off/pick-up. My husband and I are very happy and love seeing him thrive!

Yesica Villalonga April 26, 2018 7:19 pm

My daughter started at The Learning world academy about two months ago and it was the best decision I ever made. As first time parents my husband and I were hesitant to leave our first born under the care of others. However, the staff have consistently provided a level of care and love that has put us at ease. We love the fact that they are amazing with attention to detail and communication, they have an app called the learning Genie in which gives you every little detail such as what your child eats, how many times they gets changed, any reminders, their naps, and even send a minimum of 4 pictures a day of the activities they do. Even though they have that app the teachers go far and beyond and personally tell you how your child’s day went or tell you how your child reached a milestone.

If you are looking for a safe, loving/caring and clean school we highly recommend this preschool!

Claudia V. Lopez April 19, 2018 11:32 pm

I have been with The Learning World Academy Doral for over a year and a half and I have seen so much progress and improvement in my child. His development in all areas are phenomenal and I have seen him hitting his milestones wonderfully.

Besides the amazing curriculum they have developed, they offer multiple special activities that help our children grow and develop academic and social skills.

It makes me really happy to drop my child off and see how he happily greets and hugs his teachers and smiles when he sees his peers. When I pick him up, he is always happy, cared for, and always has something new to tell me about his day!

The teachers and the whole staff are always on top of every detail with our children as well as the school.

H H April 13, 2018 7:54 pm

Do not send your child here. This school only cares for your money and my child was grossly neglected, losing 6 lbs. We were also unimpressed by the curriculum. I don’t recommend this place at all, especially for the +$200 they charge weekly.

One of the staff members, name not disclosed to me, accidentally closed a door on my child’s hand and the administration didn’t bother to call and just casually mentioned it at the end of the day when I came to pick my daughter up like it was no big deal. Additionally, my daughter lost 6 lbs (pediatrician confirmed) her first three months there. No one mentioned she wasn’t eating, and outright lied to my face that everything was fine until my husband complained. Additionally, the afternoon teachers do not speak English so if you don’t speak Spanish, don’t send your child here because they don’t care to cater to you. Another day, my husband came to pick up our daughter and saw a little boy pinning her down, my daughter screaming in protest for him to get off, and the afternoon teachers didn’t even seem to pay attention or care.

Also, this school is a cash crop. They have events every two weeks to raise money for the school and guilt the parents in to participating. On World Heritage day they said to me, “I know your child is ‘just American’ but you should participate anyway.” That was very disrespectful and assuming. They expect you to provide the snacks yourself (which is ridiculous considering what they charge weekly), purchase their bedding and uniforms. Also, if you withdraw your child less than a month before notice, they will keep the tuition you paid for the month. Pay very close attention to the tuition agreement. My child was only there for a week and they charged us the full month anyway, their response was:

“As we had explained to you previously, unfortunately the accounting department confirmed that it is not possible to make the refund because, as stated in the tuition agreement, the school had to be notified in writing one month in advance of the withdrawal.”

I should also mention that my office was right next door and I could hear the children crying all day. Look elsewhere.