8200 NW 41st St Suite 200 Street, Doral, FL 33166, USA


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CARLOS G. SALAZAR ZAMUDIO June 4, 2020 11:08 am

Es excelente!!!

Gustavo Banegas August 15, 2019 5:25 am

This lawyer is the most unprofessional, greedy lawyer around. Doesn’t even have a paralegal, or a secretary therefore he handles everything himself. Motions take 3-4 months. Does not show up to hearings. NEVER answers the phones or returns phone calls. Voicemail is always full. Does not accept collect calls. The only time he will answer is to bill you or to tell you he can’t do anything until payment is done.

He goes to great lengths to get you as a client. Sometimes visiting 2-3 times. Once he collects his down payment good luck EVER hearing from this man. I sat in jail 4 months after a misdemeanor possesion charge was dismissed waiting on a bond hearing. Just to have my PD file the motion. The notice to appear came 3 months from the time he took payment, when asked he didn’t want to address the issue and told me he was “busy” a lawyer without even a secretary should be a warning sign. If I can give him a 0 I would. A PD would have got me to veterans court faster and I would have been done.

Alejandro Hernandez June 7, 2019 8:55 pm

No es un buen abogado, nunca visitó mi hijo a la carcel, solo responde al teléfono el dia del pago , poco profesional, no pelea los casos , los deja a mitad , de 10 le doy 1 .

Chantelle Comas May 4, 2019 3:30 am

Didnt help my brother out with his case. Didnt pick up our calls of concerns we had. Fired him and hired another lawyer who is telling us 15 years in jail for his case is absurd like this attorney, Elio Vasquez, is claiming and was trying to get my brother to sign in the dotted line para limpiarse con el and close the case….

FYI, my brother is getting out very soon and so far has done 1 year in jail but basically this lawyer didn’t put any effort into the case according to everyone in my family and was trying to get my brother to quit fighting and accept a long sentence. Lol.

This new lawyer gives us hope and picks up our calls and makes sure to us that he is getting out soon. A lost of 5k with Elio Vasquez but oh well. Hope this is a lesson for my brother.

Melissa James June 16, 2015 12:16 am

will be posting here