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At Worldwide Pediatrics in Plantation and Doral, FL, we help parents and caregivers achieve that goal with a caring, patients-first approach to diligent medical care.

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cesinesss . February 15, 2020 8:56 pm

We started swwing Dr. Millon when my daughter was born in 2016. We loved the location, front desk staff and the doctors. There was always good availability and emergency call backs were quick. I also took my 8yr old aon and had a great experience with his care. Its too bad we moved to another state and had to stop coming here. I recommend it 100% the office is small and its ran that way, a lot of other places have too many rotating doctors and run the place like a business.

Jessica Lopez October 9, 2019 5:35 pm

This review is for the Doral location.

My son is now 9 months and was seen here from NB until 7 & 1/2 months.
During the beginning everything was great, we had been seen by two pediatricians – Dr. Millon and his ARNP Yoheli Gutierrez. Both of them are fantastic and great with my son! Most of the time, we were seen with Yoheli and were extremely happy.
The few times I had to call the emergency line, the doctor on-call would return my call within the hour. Also very happy about that!

I started seeing problems when my son began to get sick (around 6 months), I would call to schedule an appointment and they hardly had availability that same day. If I would call a Tuesday, they didn’t have anything till Friday (to give an example).
What they neglected to tell me (which I found unacceptable) was that Yoheli had left the practice and only Dr. Millon was seeing patients in Doral.

In September my son was extremely sick, I called on a Monday and the doctor suggested I take him in. When I called to make an appointment, they couldn’t see him until Wednesday – they stated that the doctor was only seeing a newborn on Monday and that there weren’t any doctors in on Tuesday. She suggested I go to the Plantation location or an E.R. if I wanted to be seen the same day. At this point, she finally advised me that there was only one doctor seeing patients in Doral since someone left the practice in July.
Since I live in South Miami and work 7-4, it isn’t easy to go to plantation.

On Tuesday, I took my son to the E.R. and he was found to have RSV. If I had waited to see a doctor in this practice, he would’ve missed a day and a half of treatments.

My son is now being seen by a new pediatrician as I cannot handle this lack of professionalism from a practice. It is unacceptable to keep an infant waiting two days to be seen when he is so ill.

Comment to parents: waiting times aren’t great. I’ve waited up to an hour to be seen when I had an appointment and made it on time. This could be due to the lack of doctors in the office.

Katsiaryna Yakubava September 29, 2019 2:38 am

We are very lucky to have such a pediatrician in Doral. Both of my twins absolutely love him , not to mention how confident I’m in Dr. Millon’s decisions and recommendations and I’m a tough mother/client with lot’s of questions and concerns. Coming from “European style”doctors that sometime is very different than here in USA. They always accommodated my emergency visits and I tried to schedule with Dr. Millon usually but all others are great too. Nurses / front desk also doing good job. Waiting time is good/to moderate. I do recommend 100%

Anonymous User February 15, 2019 4:49 pm

Hopefully my review raises the rating on here because it’s appalling that someone would have to stoop so low as to discredit an entirely DIFFERENT location under the same business. With that being said, I have received nothing but WONDERFUL service at this location, and what I love most is that they’ve ALWAYS been able to squeeze me in for an appointment whenever I needed it most. Dr. Millon is the absolute best! He really does have a way with kids and knows how to make them feel absolutely comfortable and distract them from the fact that they’re at a doctor’s office.

Ximena Z July 20, 2018 5:08 pm

Love this office, the staff is very friendly and professional. Dr Millon and Dr Castillo are the sweetest making my LO feel comfortable in every appointment.