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Faith April 19, 2019 1:23 pm

This place even looks like the dump you would suspect. The management, by all that is evident, does not not have high expectations when it comes to what they want or expect in prospective employees I have been dealing this group of people for 3-4 years now and if you’re lucky enough to get someone on the phone in less than 40 mins, it is a miracle. If you get someone on the phone who actually wants to do their job, listens, moves their jaw while speaking, isn’t too busy flirting with whomever sits nearby go buy a lottery ticket. This company is a shameless waste of taxpayer money. And if you see the picture of the building and parking lot, the pay has got to be minimum by the looks of employee vehicles, the building looks filthy, like a scene from BOILER ROOM, same absent ethics. Bad bad company.

Only Me July 28, 2018 8:35 pm

To put it simply Logisticare should NOT be in business. Either they forget to pick you up for a medical appointment, or they finally show up, after many calls, way after your appointment time, or…they are NO SHOW, like today July 28. And that’s after sending them an email yesterday and calling them this morning ONE HOUR PRIOR TO PICK UP TIME. They put patients under tremendous medically unsafe stress. That’s why they should NOT be allowed to operate. I filed a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of Florida in June and today, I filed a complaint with URAC. 🙁

Chrissy Smith July 26, 2017 3:21 pm

I have never used these people yet i have had them bill Medicare for me twice!!! This is medicare fraud at its best!

Ирина Клепикова June 23, 2017 4:59 pm

Terrible! Took my husband to Bascom Palmer Eye institute in Plantation, he has only one eye and Macular degeneration in this eye. We were waiting them for 3 hours to take us home from the hospital but they refused to come.

Car Co February 16, 2016 4:50 pm

This is the worst company ever! I have to use them for my 2yrs old autistic son because they are the ONLY company my insurance uses for transport. I have been using there service for 5 months now (worst months of my life). Every week I call them, every week, at least once, they’re late. They can not manage their contractors, the contractors are out to make money, so they over book even the contractor’s drivers complain about being over booked. So when you need to be at your appointment that’s when they are showing up late, then they tell you they have to pick up/drop off more people. What’s worse is when they are late to pick you up after the appointment. If they’re late to pick you up from home at least your home, but at the office for hours, come on. On 3 occasions already they’ve left my 2yrs old autistic son and I or my mom, waiting at the doctor’s office for 4hrs. I’m tired of this company and now i’m telling everyone who is willing to hear, that they are the worst transport service EVER, and I have proof. >:( ZERO stars!